Elevator Works can provide 3rd party non-biased inspection services for all types of vertical conveyances.  As a 3rd party non biased company we work directly for the building owners and managers.  We will provide you a thorough and detailed inspection to greatly reduce the owners liability and enhance overall performance of your equipment.  We will maintain digital archives of all inspection reports and other vital documentation indefinitely to assist in identifying trends in code deficiencies that may signify environmental, use, and service issues.  Once contracted we will coordinate directly with your service provider the schedule of inspection and tests with one of our company certified elevator inspectors.  Upon completion of your inspection we will review the report with you and discuss which violations can be performed by you the owner and which violations must be performed by a certified elevator technician.  At such time we will instantaneously forward the report to the Bureau of Elevator Safety.  Upon request we can review your service contract to discuss which items may or may not be included in your service contract.  We will continue to work with you and your service provider until all deficiencies have been corrected in a timely manner.Once all test have been completed and deficiencies have been corrected we will assist you with acquiring your certificates of operation from the state of Florida.

Each Commercial Vertical Transportation Conveyance Is required to have Tests performed by a Certified Elevator Technician and Witnessed by a 3rd Party Certified Elevator Inspector each year.  Every Five Years additional tests are required to be conducted on traction elevators.  Each year Every Conveyance, with the exception of elevators serving two consecutive floors, is also required to undergo a Routine Inspection performed by a certified elevator inspector.

Elevator Works Performs Inspection and Witnesses Tests on the following Equipment: Hydraulic Elevators, Traction Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Vertical and Inclined Platform and Wheelchair Lifts, Inclined Stairway Lifts, Material Lifts, Residential Elevators, and Limited Use Limited Application Elevator (LULA)

Elevator Works performs the following Inspection and Test Witnessing  Services: Annual Routine Inspections, Category 1 Periodic Tests (Annual), Category 5 Periodic Tests (5 year), Initial Acceptance Inspection and Tests, Alteration Inspection and Tests, Temporary Use Inspection and Tests

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