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We provide both broad based and customized maintenance programs to meet the needs and challenges of your equipment.  You can choose from one of our standardized maintenance programs that are based on environment, usage, type, speed, rise of your equipment and budget.  Our Maintenance Programs are designed to prevent equipment failure and customer inconvenience when their equipment is out of service.   We accomplish this by exceeding established industry

and competitor’s maintenance

standards.  Our programs

emphasize on prevention of

equipment failure through

regularly scheduled

maintenance, lubrication,

adjustments, and the

replacement of worn

components.   This provides

our customers with reliable

elevator operation and protects their valuable elevator equipment. 

We will  perform substantial amount of preventative maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure that your equipment will be safe, functionally correct, clean, customer acceptable, and endure the tests of time.  If budgetary problems are a concern we can adjust your maintenance program to meet your budget restrictions.

We understand that each minute your equipment is out of service can cost you in terms of profits, productivity and reputation.  Our technicians are equipped with web based communication devices to expedite dispatching of repairs, complete transmission of information pertaining to current condition history of service and repairs, immediately place an order for replacement parts, transmit information back to our office and the customer.

We are able to maintain the following equipment manufacturers: Access Industries, Adams, Amtech, Armor, Ascension, CEC, Century, Dover, ESI, ECI, ECC, GAL, Garaventa, General, GESS, Inclinator, Cone, MCE, Montgomery, Mowery(Oracle), Otis, Porchlft, Payne, Pflow, Schindler,  Savaria, Smartrise, Thyssen, Tricon, Vertitron, Virginia controls, Westinghouse, Westcoast, etc.

We will take the time to understand your needs and provide the right products and solutions.

6 Months of Service and One Annual Inspection FREE 5yr Contract

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