We will provide an objective advice along with practical solutions.

As a building owner or manager you are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and reliability of several electrical and mechanical systems.  Florida law also makes you liable for the safe operation of elevators.  Building owners and managers knowledge typically varies from novice to experts in related fields.  It is our first responsibility to provide you essential information that you should know to better equip yourself in maintaining safe, reliable, long lasting equipment for a reasonable cost. 

Consultants VS. Inspectors. Inspectors typically only inspect and are limited to code violations. Code violations are based upon the codes and standards adopted by the State of Florida.  The codes and standards are only minimum safety requirements.  While Consultants can provide you additional information regarding your vertical transportation equipment.  Information related to Industry standards, customer preferences, and contract terms to evaluate safety concerns of your equipment, issues that effect the immediate reliability of your equipment, and tasks that could greatly extend the life of your equipment. 

How can you afford a consultant?  Just as service providers, consultants can provide a variety of services, and can include or exclude services to fit budgetary concerns.  Consultant services can be slightly more expensive than inspection services.  However, consultants can provide both consulting and inspection services simultaneously if performed by a Qualified Elevator Inspector.  Any money spent for consulting service will be recouped in extended life of equipment, increased reliability, reduce shutdown expenses, and the elimination of unnecessary repair billing.

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