In compliance with State regulations, certified inspections are required for every registered lift and elevator each year.

The certification involves two vital steps: Inspection and Testing. The inspection portion ensures the safety functions of the lift and is conducted by a QEI-certified inspector. The testing demonstrates compliant equipment safety performance which must be carried out by a licensed elevator mechanic. By law, both facets must be performed by different companies to avoid any conflict of interest. Elevator Works specializes in providing the crucial testing labor for this two-step process, ensuring a seamless and certified outcome. Count on Elevator Works for a meticulous and hassle-free State Elevator Inspection experience.

Our testing fee includes a pre-inspection evaluation to ensure a successful state test, covering:

  1. Validation of elevator safety features, moving parts, cab condition, and control system integrity, addressing wear or damage promptly.
  2. Evaluation of operational performance, testing speed, braking, and safety protocols.
  3. Testing of communication system functionality, especially in emergencies.

This comprehensive service ensures a lift that not only meets but exceeds inspection standards, giving you confidence your vertical transportation is not just compliant but elevates to the pinnacle of safety and performance.

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