Attention homeowners with residential elevators and small children: Your family's safety is at stake! The door clearance for private residence elevators is a critical matter that directly impacts your loved ones.

Image of potential child entrapment by residential elevator door.

At Elevator Works, we are here to inform you of the safety measures and practices pertaining to your home elevator. In Maryland, the latest residential elevator code has undergone a significant update, specifically reducing the permissible space between the elevator cab door and hoistway landing door to enhance safety and align with current industry standards.Image depicting the effectivity of residential elevator Space Guard.

But here is the alarming truth: In installations with swing-style landing doors, some home elevators may have hazardous gaps, putting your child's safety on the line. Imagine the horrifying scenario where a young child could be trapped between the landing door and the elevator car door. The consequences? Nothing short of serious injury—or even death—if the elevator is operated while the child is entrapped.

At Elevator Works, we understand the gravity of this situation. That is why we offer specialized Space Guards as part of our unwavering commitment to enhancing the safety features of your home elevator.

Image of Space Guard safety device on residential elevator door.

Space Guards are a crucial protective measure to mitigate potential hazards, and help ensure compliance with the most up-to-date safety standards.

Don't jeopardize your family's safety. Ensure a secure home environment for your loved ones in Maryland, with our specialized Space guards. Elevator Works is here to safeguard your elevator and protect your family. Call us today at 443-815-4900 or request service online.

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