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During our collaboration, we'll work closely with you to ensure that your project meets all safety standards and regulatory requirements. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we'll provide comprehensive guidance and support.

We understand that compliance with building codes and regulations is paramount. That's why we take care of every detail, including pulling all necessary permits and scheduling inspections, to ensure that your custom home elevator meets all safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Pre-Construction Meeting

During our pre-construction visit, we'll review your architectural drawings in detail, and discuss framing requirements for seamless integration of your custom home elevator.

Framing Inspection

During the framing inspection visit our experienced team will meticulously assess the elevator shaft's construction to ensure it meets the necessary structural requirements for safe and efficient operation.

Electric Prewire

Prior to installation, we pre-wire every job.

Respect for the Home

Our commitment to cleanliness is evident every step of the way: from the moment we begin the installation process, we meticulously maintain an organized work environment

Post-Install Checks

Before turnover, our team conducts rigorous testing and runs the lift multiple times to guarantee flawless functionality and safety. Our service doesn't end there: we return to the house when it's time for homeowner to take over, and provide a comprehensive orientation. During this session, we will walk through operation of the elevator ... answering any questions, to ensure confidence and comfort with the lift.

Elevator Types

The best elevator is the one that suits homeowner's needs and the site, as well as floor plan, conditions, and budget:

  • Hydraulic - Driven by a hydraulic pump and motor, to ascend and descend.
  • Overhead Winding Drum - Driven by an electric motor to wind cable onto a drum that raises and lowers the elevator.
  • Chain Drive - Driven by an electric motor that is counter-balanced with a regular weight stack; low energy requirement and low overhead needed.
  • Pitless Elevator Option - For hoistways that can't add a standard pit; minimal excavation is required for installing an elevator in an existing home.

Because each house is different, every build is unique to suit specific needs and aesthetics –from doors to custom materials, colors, and designs ... Elevator Works is redefining what's possible, one level at a time.


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